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1990 / 11 - November Issue of American Cinematographer

Bonfire of The Vanities
  • The Hot Spot: Crime, Romance, Deceit, Steiger Records Small Town Chicanery
  • Soviet Cinematographers Survives Stalin, Koltsaty, Declared Dead, Reminisces
  • The Bonfire of The Vanities
  • Fall From Grace Photographed By Zsigmond
  • Silly Sorcery for Repossessed, Margulies Captures Exorcism Spoof
  • Glory The Rocket's Red Glare, Director Zwick and Cinematographer Francis
  • Gothic Artistry of Flatliners, Production Designer Zanetti Expounds
  • Art of Assembling Images, Editors Marks and Warner Hold Forth
  • Air Force Ads The Allure of Flight, Murray's Camera Stirs Emotion.

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    1990 / 11 - November Issue of American Cinematographer


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