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1990 / 12 - December Issue of American Cinematographer

Solar Crisis
  • Valkenvania: a Haunting Comedy, Cundey's Twinning Techniques Reprised
  • Solar Crisis: At Odds with The Sun, Carpenter Explores Desert, Outer Space
  • Effects Heat Up Solar Crisis, Computer Images, Microscopic Techniques
  • Die Hard 2: Terror Takes to The Skies, ILM Airplane Miniature Work Wonders
  • Computer Imagery Enhances Die Hard 2, Graphics Experts Render Effects Seamless
  • Total Recall: X-ray Effects Secures Illusion, From Ping Pong Balls to CGI
  • Ghost: This Year's Sleeper Hit, Guiding Spirits Through Solid Objects
  • Comic Book World Springs to Life for Dick Tracy, Lloyd, Ellenshaw Recount Design and Execution
  • Flight of The Intruder Miniatures Require Intricate Care, 10,000 Man-Hours to Duplicate Hanoi Street
  • Pioneer Commercial: Selling The Sybarite's Delight, High Tech Product Calls for High Tech Pitch.

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    1990 / 12 - December Issue of American Cinematographer


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