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1991 / 01 - January Issue of American Cinematographer

Predator II
  • Slam, Bang, Crash, Boom for The Rookie, Green's Camera Snares Eastwood Film Style
  • The Thing 1951's Prize Fright, Russ Harlan Waves Sci-Fi Wand
  • Modern Love a True Independent, on Location Surprises Utilized By Crew
  • Predator 2 one More Ruthless Alien, Long, Hot Summer for Levy's Camera Crew
  • Paint The Story The Color of Evening, Salzmann Palette Complete From AGFA
  • Rookie Stunts, Effects Dazzle Viewer, Most Collisions, Explosions for Real
  • TV Sounds of War Vary Greatly, Shows Have Alike, But Different Needs
  • Gourmet Photography for Flight, Intruders Fly Over "Huge" Miniature.

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    1991 / 01 - January Issue of American Cinematographer


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