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1991 / 02 - February Issue of American Cinematographer

The Astronomers
  • Awakenings: Prisoners of Sleep Set Free, Ondricek Camera Reflects Life on one Location
  • The Astronomers: Photographing The Real Stars, Computer Effects Detail Mysteries of Space
  • Fun Filled Fantasy for Delirious, Soap Opera Genre Lampooned By Stevens
  • Grim Prairie Tales: Civilized Vs. Barbaric, Four Parables Examine Man's True Nature
  • Disney's Fantasia: Yesterday and Today, Quality Approach to Creation and Restoration
  • Laser Animation: Drawing with Light, New Method Tames Highlander 2 Effects
  • Ultimatte Refinements Demonstrated, Screen Correction Fine Tunes Mattes.

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    1991 / 02 - February Issue of American Cinematographer


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