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1991 / 04 - April Issue of American Cinematographer

He Said, She Said
  • Alibi: Gangsters Take on Talkies, Underworld Idiom Given Voices
  • He Said, She Said: War of The Sexes Or Labor of Love?, Burum Interprets Two Sides of Same Story
  • The Josephine Baker Story: From Squalor to Glory, Budapest Stands In for 1930's Paris
  • Monsters: Carrying The Horror Torch High, Two Weeks and a Cloud of Dust for TV Cinematographers
  • High Tech Noir Look for Writer's Block, 35mm Format Serves Students Well
  • Television Commercials: Honeycomb Cereal Cops a New Attitude, Young Audience Calls for Cascade of Images, Miller Beer Commercials Bigger Than Life, Utah and Alaska Backdrop for Adventure Spots, Eveready Battery Commercials Unmasked, Nothing Seems to Stop That Rabbit.

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    1991 / 04 - April Issue of American Cinematographer


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