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1992 / 08 - August Issue of American Cinematographer

Special Venue: Rolling Stones At The Max
  • Pearl's Wisdom Helps Cars Develop Crush, Rock Video Innovator Crafts Eye-Catching Ads
  • Rolling Stones At The Max: All Muscle, No Moss, Musical Legends Exile Main Street for Imax
  • Shooting The Werks At Expo '92, Iwerks Explores Formats of The Future
  • Boss Film Builds Ark for Noah, Ambitious theater Paves Path for Progress
  • Brainstorming with Doug Trumbull, Father of Modern FX Lends Vision to New Venues
  • CGI Provides Solution for Twin 70mm 3D Film, Disney Alumnus Delves Into "Seamless" Format
  • Sailing Back to Skull Island: The Son of Kong, The Hairy Heir to Moviedom's Greatest Monster
  • Reflections: Stephen Burum, ASC.

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    1992 / 08 - August Issue of American Cinematographer


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