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1993 / 10 - October Issue of American Cinematographer

Age of Innocence
  • ILM and Intel Tour Cyberspace, Commercials Wend Through Computer Landscapes
  • Cinematic Invention Heralds The Age of Innocence, Ballhaus and Scorsese Lend Visual Flair to Classic Tale
  • Editor Thelma Schoonmaker: Assembling Art with Marty, Scorsese's Friend and Editor Cuts The Chase
  • HBO's and The Band Played on Explores Impact of Aids, After Long Delay, Landmark Book Reaches Television
  • Post Collaboration Unleashes Creative Potential, Cinematographers and Colorists Forge New Bonds
  • A Whirlwind Production for Hurricane Andrew, Film and Video Techniques Combined for Drama
  • Standout Cinematography for The Small Screen, 1993's Emmy Nominees Assess their Achievements.

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    1993 / 10 - October Issue of American Cinematographer


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