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1994 / 03 - March Issue of American Cinematographer

Digital's Expanding Future
  • Forecasting The Digital Future, Imaging House Assess their Upcoming Roles
  • Facing Up to Aids In Philadelphia, Controversial Film Employs Confrontation Style
  • Capturing Geronimo on Location, Using The Landscape to Tell Legendary Tale
  • Six Degrees of Separation: Bringing Chaos Under Control, Making The Jump From Stage to Screen
  • ASC International Award to Jack Cardiff, BSC, Impressive Career Recounted, Recognized
  • Energizer Ad Recharges King Kong, Great Ape Is Revived Via Computer Compositing
  • HDTV: a Roundtable Discussion, AC's Panel of Experts Sifts Through The Issues.

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    1994 / 03 - March Issue of American Cinematographer


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