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1994 / 12 - December Issue of American Cinematographer

  • Stargate: Adding Layers In The Outer Limits, 2d Composites Lend 3D Feel to Science Fiction Films
  • New Look for Classic Creature, Makeup Artists Revive Frankenstein's Monster
  • CFC's Effects Give Life to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Digital Tricks Electrify New Version of Horror Tale, The Mask, ILM Magic Is Organized Mayhem, Dream Quest Adds Lunatic Fringes, Making Strange Faces
  • The Pterodactyl Woman of Beverly Hills Takes Wing, Affordable Methods Enhance Fantastic Farce
  • True Lies, Peering Behind Cameron's New Curtain, Boss Film Revs Up Action Scenes, Fantasy 2 Adds Fuel to The Fire, PDI Adds Key Touches.

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    1994 / 12 - December Issue of American Cinematographer


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