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1995 / 03 - March Issue of American Cinematographer

Legends of The Fall
  • ILM and Ford Team Up for Mercury Launch, Computer Graphics Send Spot Into Orbit
  • Legends of The Fall Exploits Scenic Locale, Landscapes Play Central Role In Epic Tale
  • ASC Hails Career of Gabriel Figueroa, Mexico's Master Receives International Award
  • Creating Another Miracle on 34th Street, Update of Christmas Classic Adds Colorful Twist
  • Digital Artists: Reinventing Electronic Media, MIT Hosts Artists' Forum on Future Technologies
  • Magic Link: Email to Go, "Personal Communicator" Facilitates Industry Contact
  • HDTV Comes to The Desktop PC, Software Enables User to Tweak Aspect Ratios
  • Fine-Tuning Radioland Murders, Digital Techniques Heighten Slapstick Situations.

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    1995 / 03 - March Issue of American Cinematographer


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