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1995 / 04 - April Issue of American Cinematographer

MIT Movies of The Future Project
  • Lending The Lottery an Epic Aura, Otherworldly Look Enhances British Commercial
  • Movies of The Future: Storytelling with Computers, Exclusive Report on MIT Research Project
  • Mail Bonding: Foray Into Digital Filmmaking, Filmmakers Create Short Via High-End Video
  • Death and The Maiden: Trial By Candlelight, AC Interviews Tonino Dell Colli and Roman Polanski
  • Personality Prevails In Killing Zoe, Heist Film offers Stylish Nihilism
  • ILM Creates New Universe of Effects for Star Trek: Generations, Seventh Installment Employs Latest Digital Techniques
  • Zoo in Budapest: Lasky's Poetic Redemption, Romantic Tale Fuels Famed Producer's Comeback.

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    1995 / 04 - April Issue of American Cinematographer


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