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1996 / 07 - July Issue of American Cinematographer

Independence Day
  • Sharpen The Saw: Ingenuity and Experience Fuel First Feature, Indie Filmmakers Demonstrate Creative Mettle.
  • Worlds At War, Independence Day Stages Intergalactic Clash.
  • The End of The World As We Know It, Independence Day Effects Team Brings Alien Invaders to Life.
  • Send In The Clones, Digital Tricks Enhance Comic Premise In Multiplicity.
  • Phenomenon Dazzles The Eye, Paranormal Fable offers Lush, Lyrical Visuals.
  • Run-and-Gun Style Propels Eraser, Handheld Approach Adds Adrenaline to Action Thriller.
  • Global Village Idiot, The Cable Guy Is Comedy with a Dark Visual Edge.
  • The Sea Hawk Sets Sail, The Making of a Classic Swashbuckler (Pt. 1 of 2).

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    1996 / 07 - July Issue of American Cinematographer


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