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1998 / 07 - July Issue of American Cinematographer

  • When Worlds Collide, Armageddon Arrives to Rock The Cosmos.
  • Space Chase, Effects Lends Extra Urgency to Asteroid Threat.
  • Elusive Truth, The X-Files Brings Brooding Aura to theatres.
  • Paranormal Activities, Mulder and Scully Confront Eerie Enigmas.
  • Policing a New Beat, Brooklyn South Carves Its Own Copshow Niche.
  • Industry Town Embraces Indies, L.A. Independent Film Festival Takes Flight In Fourth Year.
  • Heart of Darkness, in a Lonely Place Examines Writer's Soul.
  • Production Slate: "High Art", "Best Man", "Passion in The Dessert", "Buffalo 66"

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    1998 / 07 - July Issue of American Cinematographer


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