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1998 / 09 - September Issue of American Cinematographer

Without Limits
  • Leader of The Pack, Without Limits Explores a Runner's Relentless Drive.
  • Brush with The Gutter, High Art Meets Low Life In Love Is The Devil.
  • Height of Fashion, Ralph Lauren Ad Campaign Has Improvisational Edge.
  • Rhythmic Images, Husband-and-Wife Team Collaborates Behind The Camera.
  • Crossing Over In Post, Video Techniques Prove Valuable In Filmic Realm.
  • Thinking Different, Macintosh Tools Add Creative Fire to Fuel.
  • A Cop Gone Wrong, a Touched-Up Touch of Evil Is Re-Released. Production Slate: "Conceiving Ada", "in The Company of Men", "Cleopatra's Second Husband"

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    1998 / 09 - September Issue of American Cinematographer


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