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1998 / 12 - December Issue of American Cinematographer

Playing By Heart
  • A Poignant Pas De Deux, Zsigmond Goes Indie with Playing By Heart.
  • The Root of All Evil, Easy Money Exacts a Price In a Simple Plan.
  • Visual Effects Review: AC Highlights Some of 1998's Most Inventive Illusions: Blood on The Beach, Private Ryan ; Tearing Up The Town, Godzilla ; Talk Like Animals, Dr. Dolittle ; Hot Cauldron, Practical Magic.
  • A Striking King Cobra, Thriller's Modest Budget Inspires Creative Camerawork.
  • Still Lives, Distant Vistas, L.A. Art Gallery Exhibits Still Photos By Cinematographers.
  • Behind The Curtain, The Wizard of Oz Retains Its Magical Charm.
  • The Restoration of Oz, Classic Fantasy Is Rejuvenated for Lease. Production Slate: "Elizabeth",

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    1998 / 12 - December Issue of American Cinematographer


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