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1999 / 05 - May Issue of American Cinematographer

Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Enchanted Forest, a Midsummer Night's Dream Seduces Viewers.
  • Flesh for Fantasy, Existenz Inspires The Ultimate Reality Check.
  • Shooting In Europe: a Special Section on Overseas Production: Friends, Romans and Countrymen, Eye-Boggling Effects Add Fun to Asterix and Obelix Versus Caesar, British Resolve, The U.K.'s Film Industry Moves Into Higher Gear, European Snapshots, Germany and France Prepare for a New Millennium.
  • Tuned-In Talents, The ASC Honors Television's Top Cinematographers.
  • From Film to Tape, Technical Specs on Telecine's Key Machines. Production Slate: "Ally McBeal", Storaro Advises Digital Artists

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    1999 / 05 - May Issue of American Cinematographer


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