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1999 / 07 - July Issue of American Cinematographer

Wild, Wild, West
  • SciFi Cowboys, Wild Wild West Lives Up to Its Tile.
  • Hightech Noon, ILM Lends Flamboyant Panache to Wild Wild West Effects.
  • Island of Lost Souls, Limbo Re-Teams Sayles and Wexler.
  • Flower Power, Sixties Values Blossom In Wildflowers.
  • A Few Bad Men, The General's Daughter Examines a Military Mystery.
  • Hip Cinema, L.A. Indie Film Fest Showcases Up-and-Comers.
  • A Classic Last Stand, they Died with their Boots on Tells Custer's Tale. Production Slate: "My Son The Fanatic"

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    1999 / 07 - July Issue of American Cinematographer


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