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2000 / 01 - January Issue of American Cinematographer

Any Given Sunday
  • Smashmouth Football, Any Given Sunday Hits The Line of Scrimmage.
  • Calling The Plays, Director Oliver Stone Details His Game Plan.
  • Alter Ego, The Talented Mr. Ripley Tracks Treacherous Deception.
  • The Longest Walk, The Green Mile Explores Metaphysical Deathrow Drama.
  • An Unfettered Imagination, Frank Darabont Helms His Second Prison Picture.
  • Making Miracles, The Green Mile Effects Combine The Stunning and Subtle.
  • A Hardknock Life, Angela's Ashes Revisits Irish Family's Troubles. Production Slate: "The Cider House Rules", "The Idiots"

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    2000 / 01 - January Issue of American Cinematographer


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