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2000 / 08 - August Issue of American Cinematographer

Hollow Man
  • Sight Unseen, Scientific Experiment Goes Haywire In Hollow Man.
  • Invisible Force, a Candid Q & a with Director Paul Verhoven.
  • Flying The Coop, Chicken Run Is a Stop-Motion Charmer.
  • Recipe for Success, Visual Effects Lend Flavor to Animated Fowl.
  • All Aboard!, Thomas and The Magic Railroad Brings Children's Book to Life.
  • Here Comes The Sun, Solarmax Presents Illuminating Views of Earth's Biggest Star.
  • Bird's-Eye View, Aerial Equipment Companies Advance The State of The Art.
  • Top Guns, Hollywood Flyboys Tell Tales From The Cockpit.
  • Production Slate: "Croupier", "Love & Sex"

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    2000 / 08 - August Issue of American Cinematographer


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