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2000 / 09 - September Issue of American Cinematographer

The Cell
  • Mind Games, The Cell Tours a Serial Killer's Twisted Psyche.
  • A Pocket Full of Shells, The Way of The Gun Marries Verbiage and Violence.
  • The Future of Filmmaking, Industry Leaders Assess their Art Form.
  • Crimes Against Humanity, Nuremberg Revisits History's First Warcrimes Tribunal.
  • Larger Than Life, Journey of Man Presents Cirque Du Soleil In Glorious 3D Imax.
  • Across The Pond, Production and Post Ramp Up In The United Kingdom.
  • Northern Exposure, an Influx of New Projects Heats Up Toronto's Climate.
  • Production Down Under, Australia offers Filmmakers Enticing Options.

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    2000 / 09 - September Issue of American Cinematographer


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