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2001 / 04 - April Issue of American Cinematographer

Captain Corelli's Mandolin
  • A Call to Arms, John Toll, ASC Shoots Captain Corelli's Mandolin In Cephallonia.
  • Girl Trouble, a Femme Fatale Plays Men Like a Fiddle In One Night At McCool's.
  • A Favorable Verdict for 24p, 100 Centre Street Gives HiDef Its Day In Court.
  • Horror In HiDef, Session 9 Uses HD to Tell a Horrifying Tale.
  • Striking "Digital Prints", Tips on Transferring Digital Video Imagery to Film.
  • Flooding to Sundance, Hordes Descend Upon The Annual Film Fest In Park City, Utah.
  • Production Slate: "Amores Perros"

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    2001 / 04 - April Issue of American Cinematographer


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