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Visions of Light DVD

Experience the dazzling story of cinematography seen through the lenses of the world's greatest filmmakers and captured in classic scenes from over 125 immortal movie. Discover Gordon Willis's secrets of lighting Brando in The Godfather and Gregg Toland's contributions to Citizen Kane. Hear William Fraker on filming Rosemary's Baby, Vittorio Storaro on his use of color and light in Apocolypse Now and much, much more. From black and white to Technicolor, silent to talkie, glittering Hollywood musical to film noir and art film to blockbuster, this critically acclaimed masterpiece presents movies in a new and unforgettable light.

An incredible 92-minute film exploring the history and craft of cinematography, this documentary educates and inspires with historical facts and personal interviews. Visions features more than 100 excerpts from films including: ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, Raging Bull, Birth of a Nation, Citizen Kane, In Cold Blood, Lawrence of Arabia and The Godfather.

A bounty of ASC members number among those interviewed: Allen Daviau, Owen Roizman, Conrad Hall, Victor J. Kemper, Vilmos Zsigmond, Gordon Willis, Stephen H. Burum, Michael Chapman, Caleb Deschanel, Lisa Rinzler, William A. Fraker, John Bailey, Néstor Almendros, Charles Rosher Jr., Harry L. Wolf, Charles Lang, Sven Nyqvist, Robert Wise, Laszlo Kovacs, James Wong Howe, Greg Toland, Haskell Wexler, Vittorio Storaro, John A. Alonzo, Bill Butler, Michael Ballhaus, Frederick Elmes, Sandi Sissell and more.

This critically-acclaimed film is available on DVD only, and was lit by the ASC's own Nancy Schreiber.

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Visions of Light DVD


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