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2003 / 05 - May Issue of American Cinematographer

Conrad Hall, ASC Commemorative Issue
  • Artistry and the "Happy Accident", high points from the career of the late Conrad Hall ASC.
  • Memories of a Master, friends and collaborators attest to Hall's influence.
  • Hall on Hall, the master analyzes his own work.
  • An Eye for Outsiders, John Bailey, ASC offers a personal perspective on Hall's cinematography.
  • Life on the Lam, City of Ghosts features Cambodia as its dramatic backdrop.
  • No Vacancy, in Identity, a serial killer descends upon a secluded motel.
  • Con Artistry, the noir twists of Confidence unspool in sunny L.A.
  • Tuned In, the ASC honors the 2002 season's top television cinematographers.
  • A Night of Shooting Stars, a pictorial tour of the 17th annual ASC awards.
  • Progress and Precision, the Academy's Sci-Tech Awards salute the industry's inventors.

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2003 / 05 - May Issue of American Cinematographer


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