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Directing Feature Films

by Mark W. Travis

The director is the guide, the inspiration, the focus that can shepherd hundreds of artists through the most chaotic, complex collaboration imaginable. But how does one person draw all these individuals together to realize a single vision?

Directing Feature Films: The Creative Collaboration Between Directors, Writers and Actors takes you through the entire creative process of filmmaking — from concept to completion. You will learn how to really read a script, find its core, determine your vision, and effectively communicate with writers, actors, designers, cinematographers, editors, composers, and all the members of your creative team to ensure that vision reaches the screen. This edition contains new material on all aspects of filmmaking, taking the reader even deeper into the process.

Mark Travis addresses such essential issues as finding the emotional core of the story, melding the writer's vision with the director's vision, casting and working with actors, and using music, voiceover narration and sound effects to enhance dramatic effect.

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Directing Feature Films
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Pages: 402
ISBN: 0-941118-43-4


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