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2004 / 05 - May Issue of American Cinematographer

Van Helsing
  • Monster Hunter, Allen Daviau, ASC returns to the big screen with Van Helsing
  • The Mind of a Madman, Helter Skelter, shot by Don FlauntLeRoy, ASC, reexamines the infamous manson murders
  • Independent Artistry, AC reviews some of the best shot projects from the Sundance Film Festival
  • Images That Linger, a complete list of the 2003 ASC Award Nominees
  • Cinematographers in the Spotlight, a photographic recap of the ASC Awards weekend
  • Advancing the Art Form, This year's recipients of the Academy Sci-Tech Awards
  • Departments
    • Production Slate: Homework, My Big Fat Independent Movie
    • Points East: Open Water

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2004 / 05 - May Issue of American Cinematographer


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