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The B&S Master Series of Fimmaking: Color Measurement for Filmmakers

The Birns & Sawyer
Master Series of Fimmaking:

An instructional series of DVDs providing visual demonstrations and techniques from many of Hollywood's greatest artists and technicians.

Color Measurement for Filmmakers
Presented by Joseph Tawil, President of GAMPRODUCTS, Inc. Mr. Tawil condenses over thirty years of experience in the motion picture and theater community in this comprehensive study of color. Understanding the color properties of light and how the human eye perceives color is one of the underlying principles of effective motion picture photography and theater lighting. Using practical examples along with the history of color science, experienced cinematographers as well as emerging filmmakers will benefit from Mr. Tawil's knowledge. Accomplished Cinematographer Allen Daviau, ASC outlines his technique for controlling color with his unique test chart. Mr. Daviau has photographed such diverse films as Van Helsing, Empire of the Sun, ET (The Extra Terrestrial) and The Color Purple.

Allen Daviau, ASC Introduction
Early Color Measurment & Principles
Color Filtering & Terminology
Color Perception & Kelvin Measurment
Measuring Color Intensity
Color Combining
Reading Gel Charts
Optical Illusions
Birns & Sawyer History

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The B&S Master Series of Fimmaking: Color Measurement for Filmmakers


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