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Grab & Shoot Bag for DV Camera

from 16x9

16x9’s professional DV camcorder bag designed to transport your camera with the mattebox securely in place. An exterior layer of extra heavy duty waterproof Cordura provides optimal equipment protection. The top-front tongue panel unzips for quick and easy access to the carrier’s central chamber. Inside is ample space for securing a camcorder without disturbing the mic, viewfinder, or mattebox system. A secondary anterior chamber is ideal for holding lenses, filters, batteries, and more. Once in place, contents are protected on all sides by layers of brightly colored cushioned fabric. Interior front and rear mesh dividers and exterior side pockets offer additional storage for accessories.


  • Holds camcorder ready to shoot with mattebox installed
  • Exterior constructed of extra heavy duty waterproof Cordura®
  • Interior chamber of brightly colored padded fabric
  • Anterior accessory pocket
  • Interior mesh dividers & exterior side pockets
  • Adjustable ergonomic padded shoulder strap
  • Interlock carrying handle

Small Bag Dimensions
Fits Sony HVR-Z1U & Panasonic HVX-200
Meets carry-on requirements of most major U.S. airlines.
L: 23" / 58.4cm
W: 11" / 28cm
H: 11" / 28cm
Weight: 5lb / 80 ounces

Large Bag Dimensions
Fits JVC GY-HD100U & Canon XL-H1 and XL2
Meets carry-on requirements of most major U.S. airlines.
L: 27" / 68.6cm
W: 11" / 28cm
H: 11"/ 28cm
Weight: 6.5lb / 104 ounces

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Grab & Shoot Bag for DV Camera


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