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Film Slate, Dry Erase - EasySLATE

EasySLATE consists of two 6" x 9" dry erase slate style templates that can be easily written on with dry erase markers. The surface is made with state of the art polymers that can be easily wiped clean. Regular maintenance cleaning is quick and easy with included alcohol swabs.

A durable and convenient Production Slate for any shoot, the cards are waterproof, washable, and rigid. Clean up is fast and easy using the marker eraser, eraser cloth or alcohol swabs. The slating systems comes in it’s own custom-designed case to allow you to pack it in your briefcase, production gear, or camera bag.

Kit includes:

  • Interview Slate Card #1:
    • Side 1:  Interview Slate
    • Side 2:  Notes Slate
  • Production Slate Card #2:
    • Side 1:  Production Slate
    • Side 2:  Back Focus Chart
  • Supplies:
    • 10.5" x 7.5" Heavy-duty nylon carrying case
    • 1 Fine-tip Dry Erase marker
    • 1 Medium-tip Dry Erase marker
    • Eraser cloth
    • Alcohol swabs for cleaning maintenance

Price: $59.00
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Film Slate, Dry Erase - EasySLATE


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