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Lighting Technology for Theatrical Lighting (CD-ROM)

Interactively explore the world of theatrical lighting technology in this CD that teaches all about the basics and more! Learn at your own pace about the physics of light, how electricity works, how different lighting instruments are used to manipulate light, how to safely use electricity and even how to troubleshoot problems in your lighting system. Not only do you get loads of great information but there are hundreds of full-color, interactive illustrations and great 3-D animations that let you see and understand how color really works, the anatomy of instruments, dimmers, control boards and many other useful topics. The CD even includes a reference section with handy information such as a glossary, charts of beam and field angles, power formulas to determine safe electrical loads, photometrics, lamp information and more. Great for those who need to train lighting technicians but don’t have the time or perhaps the expertise to do so. It’s like having a text and a lighting lab on your desktop!

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Lighting Technology for Theatrical Lighting (CD-ROM)


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