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Nuts and Bolts Filmmaking

Dan Rahmel

Nuts and Bolts Filmmaking, an ideal book for the rapidly growing number of low-budget filmmakers, provides how-to information on the day-to-day techniques of actual low-budget production. Containing construction details describing how to replicate expensive tools for under $30 a piece, this book provides quick and inexpensive remedies to both the most common and most difficult production challenges. Nuts and Bolts Filmmaking is an invaluable resource to anyone looking to make a film without a big budget.


Safety first
N-&-B Preproduction
N-&-B Camera Department
N-&-B Gaffer tools
N-&-B Grip tools
N-&-B Sound Department
N-&-B Art Department
N-&-B Makeup and Wardrobe
N-&-B Post Production

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Nuts and Bolts Filmmaking
Publisher: Focal Press
Pages: 360
ISBN: 0-240-80546-1


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