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Understanding Digital Cinema: A Professional Handbook

Edited by Charles S. Swartz

“Digital Cinema” is the process of finishing a motion picture in digital form, distributing the digital file to theaters, and displaying the motion picture using a digital projector. Professionals trained in traditional motion picture techniques have deep expertise in photochemical technology and need to apply that expertise to the emerging field of digital cinema.

What is truly exceptional about Understanding Digital Cinema is its comprehensive coverage of the process end-to-end as well as the Hollywood A list contributing original material to the book.

  • Foreword: Richard Crudo (President of the American Society of Cinematographers and Director of Photography for the movie American Pie)
  • Post-production Workflow: Leon Silverman (VP of Laser Pacific/Kodak)
  • Color: Charles Poynton (leading Color Scientist)
  • The Mastering Process: Chris Carey and Bob Lambert (SVPs of Disney) and Bill Kinder (Pixar)
  • Compression: Peter Symes (VP of Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers)
  • Security and Encryption: Robert Schumann (President of Cinea, a division of Dolby Labs)
  • Audio: David Gray (VP of Dolby Labs)
  • Distribution: Darcy Antonellis (Executive VP of Warner Brothers)
  • Projection: Matt Cowan and Loren Nielsen (top industry consultants)
  • Theatre Systems: Michael Karagosian (advisor to the National Association of Theatre Owners)
  • D-Cinema in Europe and Asia: Peter Wilson (VP Snell & Wilcox) and Patrick von Sychowski (Editor, Screen Digest)

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Understanding Digital Cinema: A Professional Handbook
Publisher: Focal Press
Pages: 336
ISBN: 240806174


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