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Kodak Master Class Series: Studio Lighting: A Comparative Workshop

Kodak Master Class Series
This unique series, sponsored by the Kodak Worldwide Student Program, features nine of the world's finest cinematographers sharing their wealth of experience in a workshop setting, as they guide you through a series of professional lighting problems both in the studio and on location. 3-D computer animations are used to vividly illustrate solutions.

Studio Lighting, A Comparative Workshop
Two internationally renowned cinematographers light the same shots from the same dramatic script in this back-to-back workshop. Don McAlpine (Patriot Games, Breaker Morant, My Brilliant Career) and Denis Lenoir (Monsieur Hire, Clear and Present Danger, Mrs. Doubtfire) vividly demonstrate how differences in creative style and approach affect the impact and tone of the scene. This program is packed with technical information, demonstrations & insights into the role of the cinematographer.

VHS & DVD 29 minutes.
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Kodak Master Class Series: Studio Lighting: A Comparative Workshop


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