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The Ultimate Guide To The Canon GL2

The Ultimate Guide to the Canon GL2 is 98 minutes of comprehensive information, tips, tricks and techniques that will help you understand how to get the most out of your GL2 camcorder. The information is presented in a straight forward, easy to understand manner that is useful to experienced camera operators and easy enough to understand for beginning camera operators. The DVD features easy to navigate menus that break down each teaching segment into an easy to find and easy to review section.

Each button on the camera, each function in the menu has it_s own section on the DVD or you can also watch the entire presentation from start to finish. The best part is having the information on DVD allows you to review it at your leisure.

Contents of The Ultimate Guide to the Canon GL2:


The Lens

  • Digital Zoom
  • Image Stabilized Lens
  • Auto-Focus/Manual Focus
  • Neutral Density Filter
  • WD-58 Wide Angle Adaptor


  • Easy Recording (Green Box Mode)
  • Program Modes; Auto
  • TV (Time Value)
  • AV (Aperture Value)
  • Manual
  • Sand and Snow
  • Spotlight

Camera Body

  • Exposure Control
  • White Balance
  • Custom Keys
  • 1.7 Megapixel Stills
  • Audio Levels
  • Model Select
  • Loading MiniDV Tapes
  • Loading Mechanisim
  • Photo Button
  • Zoom Controller
  • Start-Stop Button
  • The Lock Buttons
  • Headphone Jack/Mic Jack
  • Condensor Mic/Advanced Accessory Shoe
  • The MA-300
  • VL-3 Light
  • Card/Tape Switch
  • Standby/Lock Button
  • LANC/USB/DV Ports
  • AV Connections
  • Viewfinder
  • Battery Compartment/Battery Release
  • Tripod Mount
  • LCD Monitor
  • Display/Data Code Button
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • VCR Controls
  • Tally Lamp/Remote Control
  • Record/Search Buttons
  • Digital Effects Button


  • Camera Set Up
  • Custom Presents
  • VCR Set Up
  • Display Set UP
  • System
  • Custom Keys
  • Title Mix


  • MiniDV Format
  • MiniDV/DVCam/DVCPro 25
  • Unlocked Vs. Locked Audio
  • Re-Recording MiniDV Tapes
  • Time Code
  • Depth of Field
  • Shutter Speeds/Slow-Motion/Fast-Motion
  • SD Card
  • Understanding Your Display


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The Ultimate Guide To The Canon GL2


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