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Gossen Starlite All-in-One Light Meter

Measure light in any form: flash or ambient, reflected or incident – even a tiny spot. The Gossen Starlite digital meter provides clear, accurate exposure settings, photometric readings or even Zone System ranges for still photography or cinematography all in one compact and rugged, yet stylish, water-resistant unit.

Controls are ergonomically positioned for easy one-hand operation, and all data is clearly displayed on a large, self-illuminating, easy-to-read LCD panel.

A unique 270-degree swivel head with built-in viewfinder and multi-position diffuser allows you to instantly select any of four different measuring modes:

  • 1° spot measures reflected light through the viewfinder
  • 5° spot measures reflected light through the viewfinder
  • Incident light with raised diffuser: spherical
  • Incident light with lowered diffuser: flat plane
  • Six different measuring methods:
    • Shutter priority mode
    • Aperture priority mode
    • Exposure value (EV), can be used directly with certain MF lenses
    • Contrast, determines the brightness range of any subject
    • Averaging, utilizes up to nine separate measurements
    • Zone system
  • Cine mode, a preset shutter angle of 180 degrees, adjustable in ten-step increments.
  • Photometric mode, light intensities and luminance can be measured for both ambient light and flash with results displayed in LUX, footcandle, cd/m2, footlambert and more.


Angle of Coverage:
1° or 5°
1.5 V AA or 1.2 V rechargeable
Cine Speeds:
8 to 127 f/s, additional speeds can be adjusted
6.45 x 2.59 x 1.02 in
LCD panel with backlighting
EV Corrections:
EV -7.8 to +7.9
Film Speed:
ISO 3.2 to 8000 in 1° DIN increments
Flash Sync Speed:
1 to 1/1000 sec
Measuring Range Ambient:
Incident: EV-2.5 to +18
Reflected 1°: f/2.80 to f/128
Reflected 5°: f/1.4 to f/128
Measuring Range Flash:
Incident: f/1.0 to f/128
Reflected 1°: EV 2.0 to +18
Reflected 5°: EV 1.0 to + 18
Shutter Speeds:
1/8000 sec to 60 mins
0.4 lbs (without batteries)

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Gossen Starlite All-in-One Light Meter


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