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Mavo-Spot 2 USB: Luminance 1° Spot Measurement Instrument

The Gossen Mavo-Spot 2 USB: Luminance 1° Spot Measurement Instrument is a 1° attachment that provides very precise readings for this high-end meter.

From a minimum distance of 1m, and out to infinity, this accessory can be used to obtain precise luminance readings for many applications involving sports venues, street lighting, museums, projection screens, desk lighting and any architectural need. It can also be used to measure luminance from monitors.

This item is color corrected to the normal response of the human eye.

Note! Do not aim the Mavo-Spot at the sun: You risk damaging your eye—and the light sensor may be destroyed. Only one filter can be used at a time with this attachment
Precision spot metering of the luminance with a measuring angle of 1°
SLR viewfinder with 1° measuring circle and viewing field of 15°
Measurement from distances of 1m to infinity, with accessory close-up lenses down to 34cm
The ambient light is taken into consideration in the measurement
Compatible with all Mavo-Monitor meters; automatic adjustment of the calibration
Easy to operate
Fully functional for all professional requirements
Included CD-Rom contains software for processing the values measured, and for regulating the measuring instrument

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Mavo-Spot 2 USB: Luminance 1° Spot Measurement Instrument


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