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Gossen Color-Pro 3F Color Temperature Meter

The Color-Pro 3F is specifically designed for measuring the photographic color temperature of flash and ambient light, and to indicate the measured results in degress Kelvin (K). In addition, it can compare the measured color temperature with the pre-selected color temperature of the film (in degrees Kelvin) and calculate the filter values required to remove color casts.

Values can be expressed as light balancing values in Mired or Kodak Wratten values, as well as the CC filter values the correction required – for example, when working with florescent lighting. It is pre-programmed with three color temperatures (5500K, 3400K, and 3200K) and these can be freely overridden with values between 2000K and 9900K.


  • Color Temperature Range: 2000 to 40,000K
  • Light Balancing Filters: -399 to 475 Mired scale. Switchable to corresponding Kodak Wratten filters
  • CC Filter Values: 0 to 95 Magenta and 0 to 95 Green
  • Light Intensity: 10 to 190,000 lux
  • Flash Power: 5 to 20,800 lux/seconds
  • Ambient light is measured in Lux and Flash light in Luxseconds.


9V, Battery level display
5 x 2.75 in
LCD, 1 x 2 in
Display Duration:
approx. 2 mins
Flash Sync Speed:
1/2 sec to 1/500th, inc. 1/90th sec
Photo Cell:
3 Balanced silicon photodiodes for ambient & flash
4 1/2 oz (without battery)

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Gossen Color-Pro 3F Color Temperature Meter


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