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The Digital Photographer's Pocket Encyclopedia

by Peter Cope

If you don't know your CMOS from your BIOS, this is essential guide to help you crack the code. Digital imaging has created a whole new language to grapple with as well ad a formidable collection of acronyms. The Digital Photographer’s Pocket Encyclopedia explains the terms and concepts of digital and traditional potography in an accessible, straightforward style, supported by illustrations and screen shots. Organized into seven categories, including photography, computers, image manipulation, printing, and the Web, and thoroughly cross-referenced, this comprehensive guide links related information–making it more than just a dictionary. And the book’s innovative structure ensures that you won’t have to read through page after page of information to understand and practice of the art of digital photograph. Three thousand terms are defined with over four hundred color illustrations. Contents include, word finder, digital photographic terms, photographic terms, computer section, file management, image manipulation, print terms, web terms and general terms.

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The Digital Photographer's Pocket Encyclopedia
Publisher: Silver Pixel Press
Pages: 256
ISBN: 1-883403-90-1


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