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Alternative Photo Processes: A Working Guide for Image Makers

by Randall Webb and Martin Reed

A practical darkroom manual that takes a fresh approach to learning historical and alternative photographic printing processes. Including a comprehensive survey of the many different ways of putting photographic images on paper, as well as on other surfaces, such as fabric, ceramics, wood, metal and glass. Contents: using the manual, historical notes, old vs. current processes, equipment, papers, chemicals, coating techniques, exposing the print, making contact negatives, salt printing, albumen printing, printing out paper, Van Dyke prints and Kallitypes, cyanotypes, pellet prints, platinum and palladium printing, bromoil, bromoil transfer, oil printing, carbon printing, gum printing, casein printing, photo manual printing, photo etching, photogravure, photo silkscreen printing, cliché verre, bleach-etch, solvent transfer, printing on other materials, combination printing, presentation and editions, resources.

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Alternative Photo Processes: A Working Guide for Image Makers
Publisher: Silver Pixel Press
Pages: 160
ISBN: 1-883403-70-7


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