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B&W Photo Lab: Processing and Printing

by Julien Busselle

Here is everything you need to know to get great results in black and white photography–Processing and Printing gives you straight forward advice and step-by-step instructions. Clear, concise information and diagrams tell you exactly how to: process a roll of film, make a contact sheet simply and easily, determine the right exposure for your negative, choose paper grades of filtration for the best possible print, set-up a basic or advanced darkroom, select the right equipment, mount and display finished photos. Plus, Processing and Printing includes tips, techniques, and stunning photos from top contemporary photographers to help you develop your own personal photographic style.

Table of contents include: gallery, the darkroom, equipping the darkroom, processing equipment, print processing basics, enlargers, format options, and negative carriers, film types, developers, development charts, processing guide, achieving a good negative, paper types and developers, making a test strip and contact print, making a print, adjusting exposure, adjusting contrast, dodging and burning in, practical techniques from Tony Worobiec, Dave Butcher, Sid Reynolds, Michael Milton, finishing touches, creating borders, toning, storage and presentation and glossary.

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B&W Photo Lab: Processing and Printing
Publisher: Silver Pixel Press
Pages: 127
ISBN: 1-883403-67-7


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