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Basic Photographic Sensitometry Workbook

edited by Bruce Ferguson

A Word About Sensitometry

Sensitometry is the science of measuring the sensitivity of photographic material. As a photographer, graphic arts cameraman, or other user of photographic materials, you will use sensitometry in the control of operation involving exposing and processing photographic materials. Photographic manufacturers also use sensitometric methods in the control of manufacturing processes.

How to Use This Publication:

Basic Photographic Sensitometry Workbook was prepared by Eastman Kodak Company for individual use on a self-study basis. This publication was written in a programmed instruction format, which will allow you to study and learn on your own and at your own pace.

You will first read a paragraph or two and then answer some questions in the spaces provided. Immediately afterward, check your answers to make sure they are correct. (All correct answers are provided at the outside edge of the pages, across form the questions to which they relate). You may find it desirable to cover the answers with the flaps on the covers while you are studying the questions.

If your answer is correct, go right on the next question. If your answer is incorrect, reread the material and correct your answer before going on.

If you will be studying this material within a regular school program, read only those pages assigned by your instructor. If you are studying on your own, proceed through the material at your own pace. Please go to page 1 and begin the program.

Basic Photographic Sensitometry Workbook is written in a programmed instruction format that permits it to be used either as a self-study course or as part of a regular classroom program. Its aim is to teach students (1) the meaning of elementary terms used in sensitometry and (2) the fundamental mathematics needed to calculate sensitometric measurements such as film speed, contrast, and exposure. It is a good starting point for anyone who wants to learn something about photographic sensitivity measurements, and who has no experience with the subject.

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Basic Photographic Sensitometry Workbook
Publisher: Eastman Kodak Company
Pages: 38
ISBN: 0-87985-290-9


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