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Uva's Reference Pack

by Michael G. and Sabrina Uva

For a limited time you can get two great on-set reference books for one great price.

Uva's Basic Grip Book
While the technology of filmmaking has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, the basics of effective studio gripping are the same–a thorough knowledge of equipment, safety and tool remains the foundation for success. Uva’s Basic grip Book provides grounding in basic grip equipment, techniques, and safety issues. It distills the most beginner friendly information offered in Uva’s original grip book into a handy reference and guide prepared especially for the beginning professional. Updated with the latest studio grip equipment, the book also offers a complete list of personal grip tools that every grip should have, more than 1oo tricks of the trade and a review test designed to review new knowledge. The authors also offer safety tips, detailed positions within the grip department, and practical advice designed to help land that first job and get established in this very competitive industry. A fully updated and expanded glossary completes the book.

Uva's Guide to Cranes,
Dollies and Remote Heads

Recent years have seen an explosion of new equipment introduced to the film industry. This book offers the practicing grip a streamlined reference to all the latest equipment–what it is where to find it and how to use it. Directors, producers, and cameraperson’s, as well as a host of production personnel, will find this handy reference a "must-have". Anyone who is responsible for determining and securing equipment for a project will rely on this comprehensive map of equipment in planning and daily production duties. Heavily illustrated and thoroughly indexed, this guide also lists standards and features of the different types of equipment covered. Studio professionals will consider this an indispensable tool that will soon become an industry standard.

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Uva's Reference Pack


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