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WarmCards: White Balance Reference System

The WarmCards White Balance Reference System is a sophisticated set of white balance cards that make it easy to get a warmer white balance, and then to keep the “warm balance” consistent throughout the shoot — with exact precision. WarmCards are the fastest, easiest, and most consistent way of manipulating your camera’s white balance to improve skin tones and eliminate the cold electronic look that CCDs provide.

WarmCards work with all professional TV/video cameras, most digital cameras, all lenses, and are as easy to use as an ordinary white card. With several different grades of warming to select from, the WarmCards System gives you exacting control over the color balance of your camera.

For video editors, WarmCards can save a lot of time color correcting and enhancing footage in post. And remember, any changes to your footage will always add to the time it takes to render. That’s why it’s always preferable to shoot the video as close to perfect as you can.

WarmCards are strong and durable. They won’t get bent, folded, dirty, faded, or dog eared, under rugged everyday use in the field. They are 100% waterproof, easily wiped clean, and the matte finish reduces reflections while white balancing. Every set of WarmCards includes a carrying case.

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WarmCards: White Balance Reference System


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